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João Lellis, grandson to Italians, founder of Lellis Trattoria, through 45 years of dedication to cooking, wrote history guided in the art of cooking, receiving, serving and enchanting customers.

Lellis, as he likes to be called, started his successful career in 1964, when he was admitted as cleaner at Gigeto, and after several promotions he became chef. In July 7, 1981, he took the biggest step of his life on inaugurating the Lellis Trattoria, and take to the undertaking all the charm of the typical Neapolitan restaurants and the exceptional quality resulting from his great experience. The house was always a success, due to the intense work performed with much care and love.

In 1987, Mr. Lellis sold the house located at Al. Campinas to an entrepreneur who chose to continue to use the name, without preserving the original characteristics of the network. Out of respect for the customers and friends, we clarify that all relations with the Lellis of Al. Campinas have been terminated.

As of 1999, Lellis realized an old dream, with expansion of the renowned brand through the inauguration of a branch in Curitiba , which maintains the same tradition as the headquarters and represent in their cities the most Italian and most loved canteen of Brazil.

A new slogan was created in 2012 to represent the house: “Lellis Trattoria. Our specialty is to make you happy”. It summarizes the dedication of the Lellis family in providing customers with a unique experience, where everything is done with the utmost perfection.

“Benvenutti” to Lellis Trattoria! Where everyday is a feast!

Our specialty is to make you happy!

Adriano Lellis, primogenitor of the restaurant owner João Lellis and of Ana Lellis, brother of Fábio, husband of Alessandra Mancini Lellis, and father of Adriana (21 years), Giuliana (18) and Amanda (12), partner of Lellis Trattoria. Adriano passed away at the age of 42 years, on the 19th of March 2013. He was waiting for a heart transplant and succumbed.

Joyful and friendly, Adriano started to work in Lellis at the age of 17 years, as cashier. After four year, he went to work in the administrative and financial department, and became fundamental to the consolidation and growth of the Lellis brand.

“My father was always a kitchen man, especially of hall. He needed someone with more education and mind for this very tiresome area. Adriano wasthe right person for this work and conducted all the fiscal, tax and labor management”, says the youngest Fábio Lellis.

Adriano was the point of equilibrium of Lellis Trattoria.

“If my father and I are dreamers and wanted to see the network grow, Adriano was the foot on the ground. He also wanted the expansion, but worked with the force of numbers and planning. “Now is not the time”, he would say.

He was the administrator, the one who did not appear much to customers and who did not give interviews for the press, but who is fundamental to the company and recognized and respected by employees and suppliers”, says Fábio, adding that over 300 people attended his brother’s funeral.

During all the years in the company, Adriano made good the saying that: the workplace is the second home. Punctual and organized, he always had the right time to enter the restaurant, but never to leave.

“Undoubtedly, those who knew him know he was proud of the father, of the family as a whole and of Lellis Trattoria. The company became to him a faculty of life, where he obtained experience and knowledge, which were combined with the family teachings of ethics, morale and, above all, of conduct, which he applied everyday since he entered trattoria”, the brother continues.

Fábio completed 39 years in 2013, and speaks of the void that represents and will for ever represent the loss of his brother. He says that if he were to sum up all the days in which he did not see his brother since he was born, it would not complete two years.

They were always together. First in their parents’ house, and after Adriano married, he was practically everyday in the restaurant. A man of simple habits, Adriano appreciated gastronomy, but what he really liked was to eat at home and in trattoria itself. The favorite dishes, the house’s employees know by heart: the Lellis Little Toasts, fried squid and Parmesan Filet.

The administrator had few passions, besides family and work. One of them was the Corinthians soccer team, and did not miss any of the matches broadcast on TV.

In addition, he loved cars. He had three vehicles kept at home. His “great small” collection: a Maverick GT, which took him a while to be able to buy, a 1970 beetle (the year of this birth!), which he left to his brother, and a 1966 Lambreta. He did not have time to fulfill one of his big dreams: mount a Jeep to go on trails with the family.

Adriano leaves in everyone a great longing and the eternal memory of respect, admiration and love for all that he represented as entrepreneur, workmate, father, husband, son and brother.